Electrical cable may well all look the same, but does all of the electrical cable currently available in the UK market perform the same?...

Andrew Pegrum, Technical Manager at Deta Electrical, takes a closer look at the issue

According to the latest government fire statistics collated by the Home Office, there are over 29,000 accidental fires per year in England alone, of which over 5,241 (c. 18%) can be attributed to wiring or cabling. 2,693 (51%) of these were down to faulty electrical supplies and 1,728 (33%) due to faulty appliances and leads. Not only fires, but sub-standard cabling can result in short circuits and blackouts, posing hassle for homeowners, or, in more extreme circumstances, a reduction in a cable's insulating properties can lead to circuit malfunction and possible electrocution.

Compliancy Concerns

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