Modern portable electronic devices are now typically charged via a cable with a USB connector and a 13A Plug/Adaptor which includes the charging device.  We can see this as standard on our smart phones; tablets; e-Books; MP3 players; cameras; Satnav's and an ever increasing number of home electronic and portable devices.

As the number of these devices which require daily charging grows, they are beginning to monopolise the socket outlets within our kitchens, lounges and bedrooms, often resulting in the need to use unsightly extension leads to provide the additional socket outlets required.

Deta's new range of socket outlets with USB ports, solves this problem by providing a standard 13A DP 2 Gang Switch Socket Outlet with 2 integral USB Ports.

By incorporating the charging device within the socket outlet itself, this allows the USB cables of two devices to be plugged directly into the USB ports without the need to use the 13A sockets, leaving them free to be used for other uses around the home.

Furthermore, by recognising the growing need to charge high powered devices such as tablets alongside conventional smart phones, Deta's twin USB ports are capable of simultaneously providing up to 3.4A charging current. This is divided into 2.4A via the Tablet Port and 1A via the Phone Port.

The rationale behind this split is based upon the charging requirements of the multitude of smart phones and tablets currently available on the market. Many smart phones such as the iPhone now have chargers which have a 1A output, whilst tablets and e-Books have much larger charging current requirements, ranging from 1.8A for the Kindle Fire, 2A for many Samsung tablets and 2.4A for the latest IPads.

Using a low powered USB does not mean that the device will not charge, BUT it will charge slowly. Therefore, if you want to charge two devices (for example, one iPad and one iPhone) superfast and simultaneously, you will need a device capable of delivering 3.4A.

Deta's high powered USB charging sockets meet this need with the result that the device spends more time being used and less time charging.

Products are available in the white Slimline range and in Polished and Satin Chrome finishes from the Decorative range.

For more information, please contact our Technical Sales Department on 01582 544 548

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