Deta Electrical is delighted to announce that the safety ceiling pendant, the V1278, has been shortlisted within the House Builder Awards for best Site Safety Product 2013.

This new product has assisted Taylor Wimpey greatly with a site problem they highlighted to Deta and encouraged us to put this product forward for the award.

In the winter months, fading light creates an issue when decorating new build developments. As identified by Taylor Wimpey, there is a risk to workers due to the potential of contact with live electricity when painting ceilings around lighting pendants. To overcome this problem, when the pendant covers are removed, working practices instruct that the lighting circuit first be disconnected before painting around the light fitting.  In order to ensure an even coverage of paint, site lighting is often used by decorators in these instances.

A review was carried out by Taylor Wimpey with development and testing work carried out by DETA Electrical to design and produce a light fitting to overcome this problem.

The Solution

The market solution is a newly designed light pendant fitting - DETA Safety Ceiling Pendant (V1278) which incorporates an additional “paint cap” that cleverly covers the live terminals, allowing the decorators to paint the ceiling with the light on, without getting paint on the external light fitting and also protecting them from making contact with live electrical circuits.

Other benefits of this product are as follows:-

  •  Plot lights can be switched on earlier, reducing the requirement for on-site lighting & generators.
  • The paint finish around the pendants is more consistent.
  • It removes the temptation to paint gingerly around old type pendants, making the quality standard and the safety issue easier to control for site managers.
  • New homeowners enjoy the same benefits when re-decorating.

This new product will feature in all new Taylor Wimpey plots from January 2013.

Safety Pendant