Featuring the award-winning Carbon Dioxide Monitor – Winner of ‘Best New Product 2016’ at the Electrical Industry and Select Awards.

Deta’s smoke and heat alarms satisfy all Grade D domestic requirements as laid down by BS 5839 : Part 6 and the Building Regulations of England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  (For more information contact Deta’s Technical Services Department).

The range consists of mains powered Ionisation and Thermally Enhanced Optical Smoke Alarms as well as a Heat Alarm. Up to 12 units (smoke and heat) can be interlinked to provide greater protection throughout the property.

Ionisation Smoke Alarms are ideal for detecting small smoke particles which tend to be produced in greater amounts by fast flaming fires.

Thermally Enhanced Optical Smoke Alarms combine the latest optical sensing and thermal enhancement technology.  Optical sensing technology is more sensitive at detecting large particles of smoke, which tend to be produced in greater amounts by slow smouldering fires.  The thermal enhancement technology constantly monitors for temperature change, immediately increasing the sensitivity of the alarm if any sudden rate of temperature rise is detected and therefore provides fast reaction to all fire types.

Heat Alarms form an integral part of any domestic fire protection installation, with all Building Regulations recommending Heat Detectors within areas where dust and fumes may trigger nuisance alarms.