Deta is proud to announce the launch of our next generation Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Monitor. With a sleek design and protruding only 15mm from the wall, Deta’s new COmonitor is 70% smaller than its award-winning predecessor. 

Fitting neatly within a 35mm flush back box and with a two-part assembly, the monitor head can be easily clipped onto the mounting plate allowing for installation after decorating is completed with no additional set up required.

The new monitor utilises state of the art infra-red technology to accurately measure the CO2 levels and COreadouts are accompanied with a traffic light indicator (green, amber, red) to deliver users a clear guide of COlevels and indicate whether action should be taken to improve ventilation.

Deta’s CO2 and Temperature Monitor (Product Code: 1142) is available NOW to order. For further details please contact your local Area Sales Manager or speak to a member of our sales team on 01582 544 544.


Carbon DioxideTemperature Monitor

Carbon Dioxide & Temperature Monitor Product Sheet