Based on the highly established Slimline range, Slimline Part M wiring accessories are supplied with grey frontplates and white rockers, providing visual contrasting and ensuring accessibility, visibility and ease of use.

Slimline offers a dedicated range of Part M wiring accessories with grey frontplates and white switches, making them easily visible to the visually impaired.

Plate Switches offer the option of a wide rocker switch which can be easily operated by those with limited dexterity. Switch rockers on multi-gang plate switches are separated, preventing inadvertent operation.

Socket Outlets offer the option of a two gang switched socket outlet with outboard rockers, preventing inadvertent operation.

The range also includes switches with neon indicators, making it easier for the user to determine if the switch is on or off.

Products in the Slimline Part M range are guaranteed for 25 years (unless otherwise stated in the catalogue).






Slimline Part M accessories are designed to meet the requirements set out within Building Regulations Approved Document M.